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Back to Our Creative Roots

Let's explore the roots of our creativity.

Where are we, designers, coming from? What is it that makes us truly creative? In Issue#2 we've got few of the world's most impactful designers talking about their creative roots and journeys.

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Jason Shellen — Designer To Entrepreneur Journey

{😎} — {  # Design Leaders Series }

In our Creative Journey, it’s always good to look up to someone. Learning from experienced mentors is not just inspiring, but also allows us to avoid mistakes we might have otherwise made.

We’re kicking off a new category on Phase Magazine called #DesignLeaders.

It’s a series of interviews with the world’s most impactful designers, entrepreneurs, and design executives who are making a difference with the design.

Today we’re having a chat with Jason Shellen.

Jason is a product visionary, with experience running product development teams at Slack, Pinterest, and Google along with a number of his own entrepreneurial ventures under his belt.

We’re talking with Jason about his personal creative roots, professional journey, and where he feels design and tech are headed.

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Gabriel Valdivia – Designing For Change

{ 🤗} — Introducing #DesignForChange

Creativity is most impactful when used for a good cause.

To truly explore its power, we’re starting a new category on Phase Magazine: #Design For Change.

In the upcoming weeks and months, we’ll be interviewing some of the world’s most inspiring designers, creating real impact with their work.

Today we got the chance to speak with Gabriel Valdivia, lead designer at Jigsaw. He’s part of a team tackling society’s biggest problems through design and technology.

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Phase v1 – { Status Update }

{ 😍 } — It's almost here!

Some time has passed since we announced Phase in February. A lot has happened since then. More than 18K creatives have signed up to get early access 1.5K have joined our Slack Community, and the Phase team has grown to 11 people!

We wanted you to get to know more about the crew behind Phase, but before we get started… we have been hearing some healthy skepticism on Phase launch date.

This is mostly because many design tools before us missed ship dates often by nine months or more - and even then failed to ship quality products.

We just wanted to reassure you, that not us.

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