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Towards a More Human Design

The title of Issue #26 of Phase Magazine doesn't really need much explanation. The time has come for design to become more human and, while some are already moving in that direction, the industry as a whole hasn't really been so fast in catching up. Daniel Eckler's interactive essay "Design for Humanity" served as the inspiration for the issue general theme, and Eugen Eşanu's piece, "Why Consistent Writing Makes You a Better Designer", further elaborates on the topic by suggesting that regularly putting our thoughts on paper not only influences the way we think, but it makes us better designers overall.

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Design Ecosystem in Vienna

{ 🇦🇹 } – A major design hub in its own right Vienna is a city which is renowned for its art and beauty. What is less known it’s that Vienna is also a major design hub. While Austrian design might not be a very common term, its capital scene definitely boosts one of the […]

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Design for Humanity

{ 🔺 } – An interactive essay exploring the past, present, and future of anthropomorphic design. In 1950, the American psychologist Harry Harlow conducted an experiment that separated infant monkeys from their mothers just a few hours after birth. Each monkey was isolated in a cage and given two dummy mothers. One mother was constructed […]

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