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It's a Wrap

Goodbye to 2020

We bid farewell to 2020 with one more issue of our magazine, featuring the return of guest contributor and mastermind Eugen Eşanu with an article-guide on how to give life to product ideas. Alongside it you'll find another installment in our long-running Design Ecosystem series in which we look at the scene in Iceland, and the Phase Mag debut of recent podcast guest Gilbert Umeh with a piece titled 'Package Your Product to Stand the Tsunami'.

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Design Ecosystem in Iceland

 { 🇮🇸 } – Iceland: Small, Yet Unfluential Iceland, a tiny island nation located in the North Atlantic Ocean, isn’t a country that makes headlines often – a small, extremely peaceful and relative remote place, it doesn’t really attract much attention. But despite its size and insularity, this Nordic nation is managing to leave its mark […]

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