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Balancing Between Creativity and Ethics

Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on August 30, 2023

    Design as a Catalyst for Positive Change In recent years, we’ve seen designers create sustainable architecture and energy-wasting spheres. We’ve seen ergonomic apps that have massively improved people’s lives, as well as ones that are literally time and money-sinks. One thing is clear: design can be a catalyst for positive change or it can be […]

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    Design Ego: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

    Gcinizwi Dlamini Avatar| By gcinizwidlamini on August 30, 2023

      The Design Ego Paradox What sets a Christopher Nolan film apart? Is it the sophisticated cameras he employs? His aversion to leaning on fancy effects, or maybe the generous budgets he receives from major studios? Countless Hollywood directors have comparable resources, yet few can match his caliber. My theory? It’s Mr. Nolan’s ego that propels […]

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      Everything We Learned Designing Software for Children

      Gcinizwi Dlamini Avatar| By gcinizwidlamini on July 28, 2023

        A Journey through Designing Software for Little Explorers Apps have become our indispensable sidekicks, handling everything from managing finances to finding the nearest McDonald’s in our area. As adults, we tend to overlook the fundamental design considerations that make these tools and applications intuitive for us. However, when it comes to designing for children, we […]

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        Good Design Is Never (Too) Obvious

        Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on May 22, 2023

          How Good Design Is Often Meant to Go Unnoticed Have you ever wondered why design that’s widely considered to be good never stands out too much? And why, on the contrary, bad design stands out like a sore thumb? The goal of this article is to provide answers to those questions, though first, we’ll need […]

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          If Only I Had Done It Earlier

          Briandito Priambodo Avatar| By brianditopriambodo on January 20, 2023

            If Only I Had Done this Sooner, I Would Be in a Better Place by Now This article is part of Briandito Priambodo’s series The Tiny Wisdom. If only I had said… “Yes.” …to all the opportunitiesWhere would I be now? Would I still be here…Doing this very job?Or would I be on the other […]

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            Biomimicry: When Design Copies Nature

            Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on January 20, 2023

              It can’t be denied that a lot of the things in the world are poorly designed. This is often due to a number of reasons, which can include carelessness on the part of the designers or a lack of attention toward the consumers. Poor design is more common than we think and if we direct […]

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              The Things We Keep In Our Minds

              Briandito Priambodo Avatar| By brianditopriambodo on December 8, 2022

                Clear the Clutter and Make Space for Things That Matter This article is part of Briandito Priambodo’s series The Tiny Wisdom. I used to suppress my emotions. But I learned the hard way that keeping my emotions bottled up would damage myself even more. I lost friends, burned bridges, and hated myself. Until I learned […]

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                Design is(n’t) Everything

                Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on December 8, 2022

                  Questioning Design’s All-Important Role When you browse the web, you’ll often come across the sentence ‘design is everything’. It is one of those cliche phrases that we’ve all grown so tired to read – not necessarily because they’re not factual, but rather because it offers nothing more than an overly-simplistic statement. But is this sentence […]

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                  Design in a World in Turmoil

                  Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on October 5, 2022

                    The Value and Function of Design in a World That Just Does Not Want to Stay Still We all know what has been happening around us in recent times, and how these events are shaping the world around us. What we took for granted is now no longer guaranteed, and the importance of things that […]

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                      It’s Not About Mindset or Productivity This article originally appeared on UX Designers Club. From the beginning of a design career, every UX designer asks questions about design steps. It’s crucial to identify the strategy of product creation and follow particular steps to the final result. But with every new stage, there are more and […]

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