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Design and prototype websites and apps intuitively, in a new product reworked for the digital age.

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Meet the last design tool you'll ever need

It’s about time our products finally, truly evolved. Time we rebuild, and time we rethink.

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limitless possibilites

prototype the whole app
design interactions
with real data
all media types
true data inputs

meet phase

app interface

meet phase
one and only

Full-Power Interaction Design, code-free.

Design is visual - it's human nature. We shouldn't work in ones and zeros. Let's take our Creative Process back.

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Until Exporting < Code / >

Automatically export code. Not just just any code - your code. Customized exactly how you need it.

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  • config: app
  • config: test
  • config: custom
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With Adaptive Layout

Layout is more than constraints. It's rows, columns, content, and responsive element states that know how to adapt and flow.

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Libraries - How They Always Should Have Been

Colors, Properties, & Elements...even transition timing — everything in a component now.

Edit in place — everything is a master. Override anything you don't need, per-instance.

Typography Library
Paragraph Component
Helvetica Neue 33px
Header Component
Helvetica Neue 76px
Shadow Library
Shadow Component
2px 2px 7px 0px
Shadow Hover Component
5px 10px 20px 5px
Transform Library
Rotation Component
Orientation X
on long press

Prototypes, Like We've Never Seen Before

Prototype full apps and websites built with live data where everything - every button, page, and interaction - just works.

It's real user testing. Without engineering.

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there is much more. stay up to date and talk with us!

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real data
realtime collaboration
web + desktop cross-platform
advanced version control
vector editing
bitmap editing

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