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Design & Product Pitch Canvas

Dan Nessler Avatar| By dan_nessler on January 5, 2022

    { 🎤 } – To pitch a product idea, design, or even yourself in a job interview This article was originally published on UX Collective. Canvases have been all over the place in recent years. They have become a go-to resource in design, business and other fields. I first encountered the Business Value & Value proposition […]

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    How to Get Inspired on the Run

    Dan Nessler Avatar| By dan_nessler on November 10, 2021

      { x } – The best Design, Tech & UX Podcasts This article was originally published on UX Collective. In the hope you’ll find some joy and inspiration as I have, I would like to share my favourite podcasts in design, UX, tech and general interest. Why Audio Podcasts? I have recently rediscovered a media […]

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      The Business of Removing Negatives from a Product

      Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on March 31, 2021

        { 💭 } – Rationally Choosing the Irrational Why do people keep buying Apple products if they are not technically great and there are better value alternatives? Why do people keep eating at McDonald’s if the food is so bad for your health? I was asking myself these type of questions lately, and I realised […]

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        Designing Perceptions Instead of Solutions

        Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on March 10, 2021

          { 🤔 } – Why a Solution to a Problem in the 21st Century May Not Be the Answer Henry Ford’s reaction to a consultant who questioned why he paid $50,000 a year to someone who spent most of his time with his feet on his desk. “Because a few years ago that man came […]

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          Understanding Human Irrationality

          Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on February 17, 2021

            { 💥 } – … And How it Influences User Decisions Coke Zero and Light should taste a little bit less sweet than the regular Coke; otherwise, you won’t believe it has no sugar. The same way you think that the Colgate toothpaste, which has two stripes (red and blue) works better than ordinary white […]

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            Where Will UX Design Be in 5 Years?

            Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on January 27, 2021

              { 🤖 } – UX Knowledge for a Designer to Stay Up-to-Date No one could imagine the sudden change in people’s lives in 2020. The same happens in the Tech. You hear about new device releases or new libraries for programmers. All this affects your design work. Every day changes are routine to UX designers […]

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                {🗽 vs. 🏛} – How Cultural and Societal Differences Influence Design North America and Europe are very similar in many regards: both continents host some of the most advanced societies and economies in the world today. They also share some cultural similarities and have a common history. Nevertheless, design coming out of Europe and North […]

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                Norms Decide User Behaviour

                Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on January 6, 2021

                  { 👥 } –And How to Use Them to Design Better Solutions A policeman sees a drunk man searching for something under a streetlight and asks what he has lost. He says he lost his keys and they both look under the streetlight. After a few minutes the policeman asks if he is sure he […]

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                  Package Your Product to Stand a Tsunami

                  Gilbert Umeh Avatar| By gilbertumeh on December 1, 2020

                    { 📦 } – Why Nigerian Products Don’t Perform As Well As Their Foreign Counterparts Has anyone ever wondered why Nigerian-made products don’t do well in the market compared to the imported ones? Well, let me open your eyes to the reality behind this: it comes down to packaging, because you can’t spend your money […]

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                    Are You Dark-mode Ready?

                    Meet Shah Avatar| By meetshah on April 29, 2020

                      { 🌚 } – Dark mode is everywhere, but are we ready for it? A future of #CSS that every UI designer and Front-end developer should be aware of. The tale of prefers-color-scheme, a media query of CSS slowly becoming adaptable by all browsers across devices. Now, Instagram has it. Dark mode on mobile and web are […]

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