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Phase Mag #56

In this issue of Phase Mag, we'll analyze when gamification can be a strategic asset to elevate your UI, how animation is changing the design process and ushering in a new design (r)evolution, and we'll discuss the designer-client relation, focusing on how to achieve what's best for the project.

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Should You Gamify Your UI?

Absolutely, but not in the way you’re thinking. If you’re considering adding gamification elements to your app’s user interface, you’re not alone. Gamification has become a staple in UI/UX design, but it’s important to understand that it’s more than just flashy animations and cute characters. It’s about tapping into the psychology behind games to create […]

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Is The Client Always Right?

The domain of business coined a saying as old as time — “the customer is always right.” This phrase, once considered the Holy Grail of client satisfaction, has morphed into a sticking point for designers. Creative professionals across various disciplines are intimately familiar with the delicate balance between their creative vision and the expectations of […]

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