Our New Podcast Series

{ 🎤 } – Phase’s very own podcast is now online

If you haven’t followed us lately on social media as well as over at our Medium page, you might not know that we now have a podcast series of our own, available on Apple Podcasts as well as Spotify.

Listen to the podcast’s first episode on Spotify.

A Podcast: Why?

Chances are that if you’re not just a reader of our magazine but are also involved in our community, you might be asking yourself why are we doing things like a podcast and not focusing on the development of our design tool.

Well, the truth is: we are doing that, too. In fact, building the tool is what the greater part of the Phase Team is busy doing on a day-to-day basis. The magazine, the podcast and the interactions with the community are mostly in the hands of only one of our team members.

The Idea Behind It

The idea behind this podcast is actually quite simple: we like to think of it as an extension of our magazine, so that in addition to our articles, we can also add to the ongoing conversation about design by having a chat with a different guest from within the industry in each episode.

The conversation will touch on issues such as the state of today’s design and where the industry is heading, as well as focus on our guest’s motivations and inspirations to become – and stay – a designer. But we won’t feature just designers, or people directly involved with it, in the show — we also plan to welcome people who have had an impact on the industry while not being directly involved with it.

Where Can I Listen to It?

For the moment, we are up on both Apple Podcasts and Spotify, but we will add some more platforms to that list soon.

We would really appreciate you helping us spread the word about our new podcast. If you want, share a link to it on your preferred social media platform and help us reach more people who’d be interested in listening! Also, if you enjoy it, please leave a review as well and subscribe to it, so you’ll always know when the next episode is coming. 👀

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