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Improving Lives with Design

Making the world a better place

Design is really powerful. With our imagination and creativity, we can solve the world's biggest problems and take on social issues. We can make the lives of many not only more convenient but much, much easier. Let's help the world.

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Real Change Starts with Design

Design has matured far beyond the beautiful objects and imagery we use as embellishments. It’s an essential part of our daily lives, making every activity  – no matter how mundane– easier, efficient and more enjoyable. The discipline has always been an important cog in the machine of our society, but in recent years it’s evolved into one of our most powerful and valued capacities.

Today, design is an engine. A problem-solver with the ability to change stubborn behaviors and alleviate issues where other strategies fall short. It can educate without condescendence, persuade without force and has the power to transform obligations into desires. In essence, design can make any change, regardless of size or difficulty, possible.

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Design Ecosystem in Chicago

{ 🇺🇸 } – US’s capital of pizza

After kicking off 2019 by taking a look at Moscow’s blossoming design community, we’re taking a trip to the capital of pizza…at least in the US. We’re talking about Chicago of course, the 3rd biggest city in the States.

Turns out, one thing the windy city isn’t lacking is job opportunities for designers. Let’s see what the locals have to say about the city, the scene and where to get the best deep dish pizza!

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