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Phase Mag #50

Phase Mag is back, yet again. And as this is our 50th issue, we're celebrating with a completely revisited look - and, as always, some interesting analysis and thoughts on the broader design sphere.

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The Things We Keep In Our Minds

Clear the Clutter and Make Space for Things That Matter This article is part of Briandito Priambodo’s series The Tiny Wisdom. I used to suppress my emotions. But I learned the hard way that keeping my emotions bottled up would damage myself even more. I lost friends, burned bridges, and hated myself. Until I learned […]

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Design is(n’t) Everything

Questioning Design’s All-Important Role When you browse the web, you’ll often come across the sentence ‘design is everything’. It is one of those cliche phrases that we’ve all grown so tired to read – not necessarily because they’re not factual, but rather because it offers nothing more than an overly-simplistic statement. But is this sentence […]

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