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Patterns, Process, And People

Patterns, Process, And People In Our Creative Process

What is our Creative Process? If we break it down, it's all about certain patterns, a distinct process, and of course — people. Let's dive deep into these in Phase Magazine Issue #5.

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Designer’s Guide to Berlin

{ 🐻 } – #DesignEcosystem in Berlin

Here's something unique about Phase – we are quite a small team of 11 people based in two different, but equally amazing, cities. Phase design and engineering are based in Taipei, Taiwan while our community team including myself run a small team in Berlin.

Taipei is a story for another day, but why Berlin?

The real reason is the local design community. The city is just full of creatives, and is one of Europe's biggest design hubs, and perhaps more importantly, is one of its most diverse.

I fell in love with the city the first time I visited last year, and couldn't resist moving here. I thought that joining Phase in Berlin would be an excellent opportunity for me to start my journey with design, and I couldn't have been more right.

I’ve been living in Berlin for almost two months now. Here's what you should know about the city if you're a designer moving here.

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What’s The Design Sprint 2.0?

{ 🎙 } – Audio Interview with Brittni Bowering

There are many different methodologies that help designers be more productive and efficient. One of the most popular frameworks that's heavily focused on teamwork and collaboration with the client is the Design Sprint. It was developed by Jake Knapp and covered in his best-selling book Sprint.

To learn more about design sprints and the latest approach to them, we reached out to AJ&Smart. They're a Berlin-based product design studio that specialises in the Design Sprint and work closely with Jake Knapp, and who recently came out with something called the Design Sprint 2.0. We talked with Brittni Bowering, Head of Media at AJ&Smart, who through her time at AJ&Smart has become somewhat of an expert in Design Sprints.

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Usability Of Forms

{ ☑ } – How to Align Labels With Fields?

Forms are one of the most important components of any Digital Design. Designing a Form seems straightforward and easy, but it takes some time and science to master it. Among various factors of effective form design, today we’ll discuss how to align labels with respect to their input fields.

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