Where Are We?

Phase Mid-Year Update

It’s been some time since we’ve given you some news about where we are with the development of Phase. So we thought what better occasion to do that than the relaunch of Phase Magazine?

Let’s get right to it, as we are well aware that you are – rightfully – awaiting some news from us.

. . .

Still At It, Building Phase

We have been keeping silent as of late unless we really had something major to share with you. This is the reason why we haven’t shared much with you in recent months.

But this doesn’t mean we are not working to bring you exactly what we promised.

We are still at it, building Phase, with just as much dedication as in the beginning.

As we said before, our desire not to compromise and not take any shortcuts is the main reason why we didn’t make our (admittedly, several) deadlines which we had given back when we started. And to avoid disattending people’s expectations, lately we haven’t said anything too specific when we were asked about a potential release date.

. . .

Product Development: Current Progress

Now, for what pertains current progress on product development.

We are (still) working a Phase pre-release which will focus on animations, as we stated in our last major update we published back in the summer of 2021.

But this is only going to be the first step on our roadmap, which will subsequently be focused on design and finally on code (as in our original plan).

It is coming along nicely and we expect to reach our goals for the motion design pre-release in the near future. We have greatly improved our UX in recent months and are also at a good point with fixing bugs.

Afterwards, we will continue working to bring you the fully-fledged version of Phase.

. . .

Thanks for Your Continued Support

Last, but certainly not least, we ought a big thank you for your continued support and interest in what we do.

You are a big reason why we do what we do and why we still build without compromising.

Phase Team

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