You Don’t Need To Be Qualified To Start

{ 🎓 } – Everybody Starts As An Impostor

This article was originally published on The Tiny Wisdom.

Nobody starts as an expert. The manager was once a cashier, the boss started as an employee, the pilot was a trainee, and all of us were once just a baby.

It is normal to have doubts in yourself, but keep on following the inner bitch, and you’ll end up being the person you don’t want to be the most.

Nobody is qualified from the beginning. Everything started as make-believe. And as the saying says, we all try to fake it till we make it.

And that is why we have to do something to chase our dream. We have to pretend that we know what we are doing. Even though most of the time we don’t. And that’s fine.

We try to cover our lies throughout the process by studying, practising, and learning how to get better. How can we fit the mould that wasn’t made for us?

Until one day, we realised that we are good enough. To bear the title, to wear the uniform, to be proud of who we are. We are no longer afraid, ashamed, or scared. Because we have been through a lot, and we are now the person we aspire to be. That day will come eventually, and by surprise.

So stop comparing yourself with other people. Stop thinking that you are not good enough. Stop thinking that you are not qualified.

We will never be qualified until we start, fail, and learn. It has been and will always be the process that we need to go through. We have to do it.

This message is for you.

When you are in doubt.

When you are afraid and scared.

When you are ashamed.

Don’t be.

Everyone starts as an imposter.

So why bother?

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