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To Be a Big Fish in a Small Pond or a Small Fish in a Big Pond?

Briandito Priambodo Avatar| By brianditopriambodo on July 21, 2021

    { 🐟 } – Which Would You Choose? This article was originally published on The Tiny Wisdom. I got a new job last year. Upon handing in my resignation, my soon-to-be ex-boss tried to convince me to stay. He asked me this question: You are a big fish in a small pond here, while over there, […]

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    Why Should Anyone Trust Me?

    Alice Baggio Avatar| By alicebaggio on November 12, 2019

      { 👩‍💻 } Maybe they shouldn’t, but here’s my take on building trust at the office. When I started my present job, there were many good reasons why my new teammates could have built distrust in me. Coming from industrial design, I had zero experience in my new position as a service designer. I also […]

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