The New Phase Magazine

Expanded, Reimagined, Reinvented

We’ve been silent for some time, but here we are again. And we’re back with a new and improved Phase Magazine.

Sometimes, it is necessary to stop for some time, to be able to look at something in a more detached way. That is true for anything, and our magazine is no exception.

. . .

What’s New… ?

After a short hiatus, we are back with the regular publishing of of Phase Magazine – a magazine that has been expanded, reimagined, reinvented.

You might be asking yourself ‘well, what is new?’ Let me tell you.

A Change of Focus…

The first thing that changes with the relaunch of our digital publication is the content focus – we are moving away from being too fixed on general design topics and moving towards a more internal focus.

This means that a broader range of Phase-related articles will appear alongside the ones that you became accustomed to in the previous version of Phase Magazine.

… But Not Only

But the content focus isn’t the only thing that changes.

With its relaunch, Phase Magazine also gets a new visual appearence that gives it a stronger identity: grids, typography, and the three geometrical shapes that symbolise Phase – square, circle, triangle – will be recurring elements of the new Phase Magazine visual image.

. . .

Our Desire for Change

Desire for change is one of one of our main drives – this is true for what we do, day in and day out, developing Phase, and it is no different for our magazine

Change is needed and is a desire which we believe should not be restrained, but rather welcomed. We hope you, our readers, will welcome these changes too and that you will enjoy this and future issues of this new-and-improved Phase Magazine.

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Gianmarco Caprio / Content & Community Manager @ Phase

Content creator, editor and community manager at Phase.