We Know You Don’t Think of Yourself as an Animator, But Phase is for You

Design and Hand-Off Made Easy in Phase’s Pre-Release

We know that you might not see yourself as an animator. But this article will explain why Phase’s pre-release – initially an animation design tool – is for you.

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Wait, is Phase Going to Be an Animation Tool?

Don’t worry! We’re still building the full Phase you’ve been waiting for. 

For those of you that haven’t read our latest updates, we have just decided to first launch a pre-release of Phase for animation design.

We have explained the reason for this in an update last year, while at the beginning of August we published an article updating you about our progress.

But today, we want to talk to those of you who have been waiting for Phase’s release. We want to talk about why despite maybe not thinking of yourselves as animators, this pre-release is for you.

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Phase’s Pre-Release: Animation, Made Easy

Now it’s time to explain why we believe this pre-release is for you, even if you don’t think of yourself as an animator. If you’re reading this article, chances are you design digital products, and so might raise an eyebrow when reading our animation pre-release is for you.

You might be thinking “but, I’m not an animator!”

Well, let us explain.

Phase’s pre-release in animation design is a way to bring you what we finished (so far) so as to not let you wait further.

Because we decided to build Phase as a truly innovative design tool, and not just a reworked version of what’s already around, we’ve had to go back and start again quite a few times. It’s been a much, much steeper climb than we anticipated to build Phase. But we’re still hard at it,  continuing to work towards our goal of the full Phase you’re waiting for.

The reason why Phase’s pre-release will be in the form of a browser-based UX animation design tool is that we have given priority to building render and animation engines, and those are by now mostly complete.

A screen capture from Phase’s new UI showing Design and Action modes.

“I see. But, I design digital products, how is this for me?”

We believe our pre-release is for you because adding animations will improve the products and the experiences that you design digital product designers can benefit from the Phase animation tool and enjoy learning animation and, at the same time, bring added value to your work. If you think animation is too hard don’t work, we’ll help you along the way with plenty of resources as well as an intuitive UI to speed up your learning curve.

It’s also important to mention that we will provide Lottie import and export features. That way, your designs will look just as good as Lottie export as do in Phase. Sounds good, right? All that and more will be made easy with our animation pre-release.
Animation tools aren’t always the easiest to use, but this will change with Phase’s pre-release. We want to help bring your designs to life without switching tools.  To hand-off your animations in one click.

All that, plus it will be a way to get familiar with Phase before we bring you the fully-fledged version in the future. We’re still working hard on the full Phase.

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Your Opinion Matters

The opinion of our community has always mattered to us during every step of our journey, and we’ve made sure to listen to what you had to say to us. This time was no different.

The feedback we received showed us that it was reasonable for us to focus on this initial release, and that is why we have decided to go for it.

Phase: not just an animation tool. It’s a brand new designers’ life.

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