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Stop Solving Real Problems Once in a While

Dan Nessler Avatar| By dan_nessler on January 6, 2021

    { ❓ } – How to Stop Taking Things Too Seriously Heard of dark mode? Of course, you have. Dark mode is said to reduce eye strain, it has grown in popularity, and user demand. Sketch recently released a new version of their software offering the dark side of the screen, thus addressing a user need and […]

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    Giving Life to Your Product Ideas

    Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on December 1, 2020

      { 💡 } –How to Avoid Making Common Mistakes Once I read an interview with Ryan Singer, the Head of Strategy at Basecamp, and the interviewer asked: “How can you get to a stage where things are just running smoothly? Where do people go wrong?”. To which he said that — people struggle with getting started […]

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      Package Your Product to Stand a Tsunami

      Gilbert Umeh Avatar| By gilbertumeh on December 1, 2020

        { 📦 } – Why Nigerian Products Don’t Perform As Well As Their Foreign Counterparts Has anyone ever wondered why Nigerian-made products don’t do well in the market compared to the imported ones? Well, let me open your eyes to the reality behind this: it comes down to packaging, because you can’t spend your money […]

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        Ideate, Prototype & Pitch in No Time

        Dan Nessler Avatar| By dan_nessler on October 21, 2020

          { 📊 } – NABC: How to Apply this 3-in-1 Method How do you quickly and collaboratively come up and pitch ideas or potential solutions to a problem? My former co-worker at Hinderling Volkart (Lukas Karrer) introduced me to a method I have found extremely effective, inclusive and fun to use in client workshops: NABC: A 3-in-1 […]

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          Why Consistent Writing Makes You a Better Designer

          Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on July 22, 2020

            { ✍️ } – Not just a designer, but a thinker, learner and leader Recently, I wrote a story about how important it is to develop good communication skills — whether you are a designer, manager, or a CEO. But I didn’t explain what actually led me to become a better communicator and that is — writing. […]

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            When Design Copies Nature — Part 2

            Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on July 1, 2020

               { 🌿 } – Biomimicry: how humans used nature to solve design problems This is a follow-up to the article which appeared in the previous issue of Phase Magazine, titled When Design Copies Nature — Part 1. Where Is Biomimicry Applied Nowadays? Nowadays, biomimicry is widely applied in architecture and industrial design. Scaly structures can be […]

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              Why Composition Matters

              Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on July 1, 2020

                { 🔺 } – How composition principles can help build a successful product In this article, I am going to discuss web design for UX/UI designers from a technical point of view. This information will be useful for design tips, thought, design thinking, and just as a simple source of daily inspiration. Original work can […]

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                When Design Copies Nature — Part 1

                Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on June 10, 2020

                   { 🌿 } – Biomimicry: how humans used nature to solve design problems It can’t be denied that a lot of the things in the world are poorly designed. This is often due to a number of reasons, which can include carelessness on the part of the designers or a lack of attention towards the consumers. […]

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                  Design QA Deserves a Seat at The Table

                  Mhariell Mosqueriola Avatar| By mhariellriel on February 20, 2019

                    Have you ever experienced looking back and forth between your mockups and the actual deployed design in production, and asking yourself the question: How did it turn out this way?! What happened? Your expectation didn’t meet reality and the worst part is, you’ll be adding these changes to the next sprint which will take 2 […]

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                      A comprehensive guide to executing the perfect design-to-development handoff

                      Whether you’re a startup barely out of seed stage, an established tech giant, or somewhere in between, there’s virtually no way to get a product from idea to launch without navigating a whole host of handoffs, back-and-forths, and endless Slack threads on the way.

                      One handoff that often plagues even the most mature product teams is the design-to-development stage.

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