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Should You Gamify Your UI?

Elsa Djohan Avatar| By elsadjohan on November 8, 2023

    Absolutely, but not in the way you’re thinking. If you’re considering adding gamification elements to your app’s user interface, you’re not alone. Gamification has become a staple in UI/UX design, but it’s important to understand that it’s more than just flashy animations and cute characters. It’s about tapping into the psychology behind games to create […]

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    Everything We Learned Designing Software for Children

    Gcinizwi Dlamini Avatar| By gcinizwidlamini on July 28, 2023

      A Journey through Designing Software for Little Explorers Apps have become our indispensable sidekicks, handling everything from managing finances to finding the nearest McDonald’s in our area. As adults, we tend to overlook the fundamental design considerations that make these tools and applications intuitive for us. However, when it comes to designing for children, we […]

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      Fail, Reflect, Iterate: Rethinking the Design Process

      Dan Nessler Avatar| By dan_nessler on January 20, 2023

        This article was originally published on UX Collective. Retrospective When I published my Revamped Double Diamond I didn’t expect anyone to read it, apart from some of my fellow students and my mum. I don’t think she read it though. Anyhow. The response was overwhelming. My post also provoked debates, criticism, questions and negative feedback. […]

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        The Problem With Average Solutions

        Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on December 8, 2022

          And Other Issues Between This article originally appeared on UXPlanet. A couple of years ago, WordPress had a security flaw, and once they fixed it, they asked all their users and customers to update to the newest version. Unfortunately, many people didn’t want to. After the WordPress team gave it some thought, they came up […]

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            It’s Not About Mindset or Productivity This article originally appeared on UX Designers Club. From the beginning of a design career, every UX designer asks questions about design steps. It’s crucial to identify the strategy of product creation and follow particular steps to the final result. But with every new stage, there are more and […]

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            How You Can Plan Your Goals as a UX Designer

            Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on January 5, 2022

              { 📝 } – A Practical Guide This article was originally published on UX Designers Club. We all know that productivity is not easy to maintain. Many distractions in our lives steal time away that could be used to work, study, or learn more about our interests. “Attending to the new task increases the risk of […]

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              The Worst Failures You Can Make as a Design Leader

              Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on December 1, 2021

                How to Avoid Bad Design Leader Mistakes This article was originally published on UX Designers Club. When you work as a designer for long enough, you might want to become a design leader. This position seems very interesting and has many challenges. CNN Money predicts that demand for UX designers will grow. Starting from 2015 it’ll increase by be […]

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                How Writing Benefits Your Creativity

                Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on November 10, 2021

                  { x } – Start Writing to Release Your Creative Potential This article was originally published on The Startup. When I started writing I didn’t expect serious changes in my life or career. My goal was to help other designers by sharing my experience. It turned out that my solution to start writing has more benefits than […]

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                  Using Your Design Experience to be an Entrepreneur

                  Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on October 13, 2021

                    { 📱 } – Your Creative Mind is Your Power This article was originally published on UX Designers Club. Do you work as a UX designer and always want new challenges? You participate in design contests, work on complex projects, teach other designers but it’s still not enough for you? Or maybe you want to earn […]

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                    Why Interaction Design Is Important for a UX Specialist

                    Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on August 18, 2021

                      { 📱 } – Your Design Process Needs to Include These Elements This article was originally published on UX Designers Club. Interaction design is a huge part of your design projects. When you think about UX, you need always to remember your user’s interactions with your product. UX designers tend to think about interaction design only as […]

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