Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

Slowing Down is Also Part of the Process

I used to feel guilty when I was not being “productive.”

Whenever I relax and take a break, there is an urge to stop that and get back to work.

That’s when I realised I was being toxic to MYSELF.

How can a mere human do his 100% all the time? Even machines need maintenance.

So here’s the new mindset that I adopted:

“Work when you want to work, stop when you want to stop. But don’t lie to yourself because you’re doing this for yourself.”

Work When You Want to Work

I force myself to work only when I feel motivated and excited to do it. When I can’t stop thinking about an idea, I work on it – or at least I take notes of the idea.

I no longer set aside time to work; I work when I’m in the best condition to work.

And… the “best condition” may not be 100% all the time. Sometimes I can only give 20% because I am too tired after my 9-5 job. And that’s ok.

The best ideas and outcomes come when I have the right balance of work, play, and rest.

Stop When You Want to Stop

To stop working when I am exhausted and feel too tired to do it. I no longer force myself to work and hustle.

I may have 100 ideas I want to work on, but if I can only work on 1, and it’s not even done – I’d be happy with that.

No more targets, goals, and tasks that I need to accomplish within a day. If I manage to work on my dreams just for an hour within the week, that is good enough for me.

But Don’t Lie to Yourself

To be accountable and responsible for my actions. If I have been “taking a break” for too long and has not made any progress towards my goals and dreams, that means I am lying to myself.

Know when to stop and when to work. Reflect on the actions and decisions I’ve made, and look at where they took me.

If I am in a better place than before, it’s great. I can keep the pace.

But if I am not making any progress at all and have stayed the same all this while, then I am just lying to myself. I am just being lazy.

Because You’re Doing it For Yourself

After all, my actions and decisions affect me and my life only. The one who will enjoy and suffer is me.

So when I am postponing work, taking a break, or working towards my dream, I am mindful of myself. I am doing it for me.

Slow Down, Take a Break

Some progress is better than no progress. But taking a break is also part of the process.

You are not harming your progress just because you relax and rest. You are being mindful of yourself.

Pausing is not losing.

. . .

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Briandito Priambodo / Product Designer @ Wego

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