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Bringing Design Profession To Dakar

Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on December 12, 2018

    { 🎙 } – Interview with Ayomidotun Freeborn

    Bringing Design Profession 
To Dakar

    A few issues of Phase Magazine back, we covered the design ecosystem of Lagos. We were more than impressed with all of the activities undertaken by the local community to bring awareness around the importance of good design into even sharper focus..

    In this interview with Ayomidotun Freeborn, a Design Lead at Edacy, we take a closer look at the tech job market in Dakar, Senegal, discussing the main challenges local companies face and how these could be solved. What’s the impact of Edacy’s actions there? How are they designing for the change?

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    Working as a Freelance Designer

    Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on November 21, 2018

      { 🎙 } – Interview with Erwan Compes

      Working in a creative industry allows us, designers, to work however we want – for a company, remotely, or freelance. Being a freelancer is great, but it also means dealing with a lot of things that would generally taken care of by an employer. The question is, are those tasks really that hard?

      We interviewed Erwan Compes – a freelance designer currently based in Australia. He gave us some insights on becoming a freelancer and all of the pros and cons that came with the transition.

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      Journaling App That Helps People, Through Design

      Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on November 2, 2018

        { 🎙 } – Interview with Henry Latham from journal app Scribe

        When smartphones took off after the iPhone was introduced, we didn’t yet know how much of an impact they would come to have on our lives.

        On the one hand, we got easy access to our friends, navigation, transportation, and other useful information. On the other, we became addicted to being connected. This device-addiction has made us less aware of the physical world than we used to be.

        A resurgence of mindfulness is trying to address that, with more and more apps (like The Fabulous) popping up, designed to help us be more present in daily life.

        A major category of these are journaling apps, and Scribe is one of them. Its approach is different though, focusing more on giving the user an overview of his/her emotions.

        We talked with Henry Latham, Head of Product at Scribe, who introduced us to the app and explained the design process behind it.

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        Refresh: Rethinking The Browser

        Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on October 18, 2018

          { 🌐 } – The Web Browser Of The Future

          Look at your web browser’s tab bar. How many tabs do you have opened? I normally keep a 5-tab maximum, but some of you might have 10 or more.

          Some of those tabs are probably work-related, others are not. Does it ever get messy and annoying?

          Web browsers are due for a breakthrough. We’ve been waiting for one, since the introduction of Chrome. So, what’s next? What can make web surfing more fun and efficient?

          Julius Gehrig and Julius Sohn, creators of a Refresh browser concept, have come up with some great ideas.

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          What’s The Design Sprint 2.0?

          Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on September 26, 2018

            { 🎙 } – Audio Interview with Brittni Bowering

            There are many different methodologies that help designers be more productive and efficient. One of the most popular frameworks that’s heavily focused on teamwork and collaboration with the client is the Design Sprint. It was developed by Jake Knapp and covered in his best-selling book Sprint.

            To learn more about design sprints and the latest approach to them, we reached out to AJ&Smart. They’re a Berlin-based product design studio that specialises in the Design Sprint and work closely with Jake Knapp, and who recently came out with something called the Design Sprint 2.0. We talked with Brittni Bowering, Head of Media at AJ&Smart, who through her time at AJ&Smart has become somewhat of an expert in Design Sprints.

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