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Creative Confidence

Being a Confident Designer

Creativity requires confidence. As designers, we should be able to make bold statements and follow the most daring visions. In this issue we will explore deeper the topic of the creative confidence, and how we can build it up when getting started on a project or in the industry. This is also the last Phase Magazine issue of 2018. And so we wanted to use that opportunity to wish you all Happy Holidays and Happy New Year! We'll be back shortly in 2019 with Issue #12 coming up.

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Design Ecosystem in San Francisco

{ 🌉 } – City of Designer's Individualism

In our series Design Ecosystems, we have already been to the East Coast of the US, exactly in New York. Now it’s time to check one of the most tech-advanced cities in the world – San Francisco. With HQs of companies like Twitter, Uber, and many, many others, the city is one of the most interesting places for designers to be.

Let’s see how is it to be a designer in a place surrounded by world’s biggest companies.

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Bringing Design Profession To Dakar

{ 🎙 } – Interview with Ayomidotun Freeborn

A few issues of Phase Magazine back, we covered the design ecosystem of Lagos. We were more than impressed with all of the activities undertaken by the local community to bring awareness around the importance of good design into even sharper focus..

In this interview with Ayomidotun Freeborn, a Design Lead at Edacy, we take a closer look at the tech job market in Dakar, Senegal, discussing the main challenges local companies face and how these could be solved. What’s the impact of Edacy’s actions there? How are they designing for the change?

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Creative Confidence

{ 🎨 } – Becoming A UX Designer

About a year ago, I started on a new journey with one purpose in mind.

It was quite unlikely for me back then to accept challenges without analyzing risks. I was a business consultant, after all, the type of person who is good at observing markets and behaviors to create strategies. It was easy for me to make decisions professionally but personally, it could take me months to make even small changes in my life.

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