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Designing Your Life

In this issue of Phase Magazine we will look at how placing importance on design thinking can shape aspects of an individual's life, such as career choices, or that of a larger group of people, for instance when a higher emphasis on the creative fields is placed nation-wide.

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Design Ecosystem in Kyiv

{ 🇺🇦 } – Kyiv: a city ready to shine Kyiv – or Kiev, if you prefer the city’s better known Russian name – has been a city under the spotlight for quite some years now, for all the good and the bad reasons. After the so-called Euromaidan Revolution, the Ukrainian capital has been undergoing […]

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User Testing: The Path to User’s Hearts

{ 👥 } How user testing is essential in creating an app users love “Want your users to fall in love with your service? Fall in love with your users. – Dana Chisnell This quote from Dana Chisnell should be any designer’s principle, whatever their specialty. To a broader extent, any user-oriented organisation should be […]

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Are you interested in sharing your thoughts about interaction design, you developed some outstanding interactions, or you experiment a lot?

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