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Beautifully Understated

The current direction towards simple and well-thought design traces its roots to the influential Bauhaus school, whose language and ideals have influenced many creatives in the Nordic countries.

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Why Should Anyone Trust Me?

{ 👩‍💻 } Maybe they shouldn’t, but here’s my take on building trust at the office. When I started my present job, there were many good reasons why my new teammates could have built distrust in me. Coming from industrial design, I had zero experience in my new position as a service designer. I also […]

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Bauhaus Lives On

 { 🔺◾} – Bauhaus: the seminal design school turns 100 this year On the year of its centennial, Bauhaus is more alive than ever. But what makes the ideas of this revolutionary design school still relevant to the creatives of today? We will have a look at the influential movement’s legacy in the occasion of […]

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Design Ecosystem in Helsinki

 { 🇫🇮} – Helsinki: a young and dynamic city leading the way in design If you are looking for beautiful and understated design, look no further than Helsinki, the young capital of Finland. This is a place brimming with young creatives who are eager to maintain their city firmly on the design map. Finland has earned […]

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