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Creative Freedom

Freedom of Being a Designer

Creativity is all about the freedom to express ourselves. It's as important in digital design as in other forms of art. In this issue we talk about the importance of our creative freedom, and how to achieve it.

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Design Ecosystem in Paris

After visiting the home of Phase, our Design Ecosystems series heads back to Europe. This time we are taking a closer look at Paris, one of the design community’s most engaged cities. To create this article, we reached out to members of our Paris Designers list on Twitter (definitely worth a follow!), and the number […]

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Working as a Freelance Designer

{ 🎙 } – Interview with Erwan Compes

Working in a creative industry allows us, designers, to work however we want – for a company, remotely, or freelance. Being a freelancer is great, but it also means dealing with a lot of things that would generally taken care of by an employer. The question is, are those tasks really that hard?

We interviewed Erwan Compes – a freelance designer currently based in Australia. He gave us some insights on becoming a freelancer and all of the pros and cons that came with the transition.

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Usability Research

Involving Usability Research in Google’s Design Process

A key part of the design process is understanding the people you are designing for. This is typically done by talking to said people or walking them through your product in a usability session. In my day to day work at Google, my work focuses more on developing user flows and designing interactions, so I find that I don’t always play a key part in researching and understanding the end users of my product.

Even though designers at Google may not conduct research on their own, they work with researchers to connect with their users. Here are some practices around collaborating with user researchers to help you prepare and conduct studies, and  incorporate a bit of research into your practice if you don’t conduct your own user research anymore.

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Become a Writer

Are you interested in sharing your thoughts about interaction design, you developed some outstanding interactions, or you experiment a lot?

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