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Out With the Old, In With the New

In a constantly-evolving field, practices and approaches we took for granted are progressively phased out in favour of innovative ones. But does that always mean a step in the right direction?

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5 Great User Experiences in China

{ 🇨🇳 } – UX Design: The Secret Fuel Supporting China’s Explosive Growth From rumours of implementing social credit score to CRISPR twins with edited genes, China has been the centre of many tech news globally. I visited Shanghai, China last month (Winter 2019), and I noticed that along with their rise in tech innovations, their quality of design […]

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Design Ecosystem in Saint Petersburg

{ 🇷🇺 } – Saint Petersburg: Russia’s Window to the West Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city and the country’s “Window to the West” is known for being one of the most beautiful and romantic places on earth. Its streets and bridges have been the set for some of literature’s best-known stories, and it was here […]

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The Death of the Design Agency?

{ 💀 } – Design agency: has it run its course?  This article originally appeared on the UX Collective Medium page. A quick search on LinkedIn shows a trend at tech giants: More and more designers are working at in-house design departments. Nowadays, there are more than 7 thousand designers at Apple, 6 thousand at Amazon, […]

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