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Design Ecosystem in Kazan

Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on July 21, 2021

     { 🇷🇺 } – Kazan: Russia’s 5th Biggest City is On The Rise Kazan isn’t exactly the first city that comes to mind when one thinks of Russia. But the capital of Tatarstan, a republic within the Russian Federation, is undergoing a transformation in recent years. This has attracted all kinds of people to the city, […]

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    Design Ecosystem in Saint Petersburg

    Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on February 12, 2020

      { 🇷🇺 } – Saint Petersburg: Russia’s Window to the West Saint Petersburg, Russia’s second-largest city and the country’s “Window to the West” is known for being one of the most beautiful and romantic places on earth. Its streets and bridges have been the set for some of literature’s best-known stories, and it was here […]

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