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How to Stop Overthinking (and Start Doing Something Instead)

Briandito Priambodo Avatar| By brianditopriambodo on November 11, 2020

    { πŸ€” } – It’s All in Your Mind Recently, someone asked me about the best advice or feedback that I have ever received. It did not take me a long time to find an answer to that question. At some point in my career, I used to worry too much and often found myself wavering between […]

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    Digitally Transformed: A Relearning Organization

    Linus Γ–hman Avatar| By linusohman on September 23, 2020

      { 🏒 } – Digital Transformation From the Ground Up This is an attempt to explain digital transformation from the ground up using zero bullsh*t. to pull this off, we need to start with why businesses exist. If we boil things down to the simplest (first) principles we can say that an organization is: taking […]

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      5 Soft Skills Every Product Designer Should Master

      Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on September 23, 2020

        { πŸ’¬ } – Why Confidence, Discipline, and Good Communication Are Essential I once asked a friend that works for a big name design company what he looks for in potential hires? He said that he hires people with great communication skills and who trust in their process over designers with a stand-out portfolio. He […]

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        Designer Life in Lockdown

        Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on September 2, 2020

          { πŸ‘©β€πŸ’» } – Working from Home: The New Normal for Designers Worldwide I’ve been working as a remote designer for over seven years. But a lot of designers started their remote journey only this year. A lot of my creative friends have been working remotely for 6–8 months. They experience everything that I went […]

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          How To Influence Micromanagers So You Can Achieve Better Results

          Briandito Priambodo Avatar| By brianditopriambodo on August 12, 2020

            { πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’Ό } – They want to feel important, so make them feel important If you have been working for at least a year or two, chances are you have already met people who micromanage. These are the kind of person who, instead of giving guidance and advice, they give orders and dominate your work. […]

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              { πŸ’¬ } – Have conversations with them, instead  have conducted and attended countless user interviews in my current job at Hinderling Volkart and before that. At some point, I noticed a thing that goes wrong a lot of times but more about that later. Last year I bumped into Swiss documentary filmmaker Paul Riniker (Bio on […]

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              3 Hours is All You Need to Achieve Success

              Briandito Priambodo Avatar| By brianditopriambodo on June 10, 2020

                { ⏰ } – To control your day, you need to know how to maximize your time If you have goals or dreams, you may have thought about when will they come true? The truth is, you are the one who decides when to make it a reality by making full use of your time, instead of […]

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                How to Communicate Remotely

                Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on May 20, 2020

                  { πŸ“„ } – Tips and tools to become a successful remote worker The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest danger for people in 2020. That’s why all company employees started to work remotely recently. Remote work is not a new way of collaboration between people though, but it has its own features, which specialists […]

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                  The Death of the Design Agency?

                  Paulo Dziobczenski Avatar| By paulodziobczenski on February 12, 2020

                    { πŸ’€ } – Design agency: has it run its course?  This article originally appeared on the UX Collective Medium page. A quick search on LinkedIn shows a trend at tech giants: More and more designers are working at in-house design departments. Nowadays, there are more than 7 thousand designers at Apple, 6 thousand at Amazon, […]

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                    Giving Feedback to Unsuccessful Candidates

                    Briandito Priambodo Avatar| By brianditopriambodo on December 11, 2019

                      { 🀝 } – Don’t burn bridges, build relationships instead Hiring is tiring. You spend days, sometimes months to find someone who could fill in the open role in your team. And it can’t just be anyone, it has to be the right person. Sometimes you may get lucky and find that person quickly. But most […]

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