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Change of Course

Design, just like everything else, responds to what happens around us. Structural shifts in society often call for transformation. Design, just like everything else, responds to these transformations, meaning a change of course is often inevitable in those times.

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How to Communicate Remotely

{ 📄 } – Tips and tools to become a successful remote worker The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is the biggest danger for people in 2020. That’s why all company employees started to work remotely recently. Remote work is not a new way of collaboration between people though, but it has its own features, which specialists […]

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Design Ecosystem in Łódź

 { 🇵🇱 } – Łódź: an industrial city turned design hub Łódź (pronounced woodge) has experienced an almost complete transformation during its history. At one point in time, this city was the main textile manufacturing hub of Europe, as well as one the major centres of Jewish life. Then this all finished, and Poland’s third-biggest […]

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A Context-Free Design Item

{ 💺 } – The monobloc chair: how “that white plastic chair” become design’s symbol of globalisation Regardless of where you were born, what kind of family you grew up in or where life brought you, there is an item which you will have certainly seen, or even used, almost once. This item is the […]

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