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New Beginning

The current situation gives us plenty of time to reconsider our ways and try to envision how things will develop going forward. This is even more true when it comes to design, a field that although isn't directly affected by the chaos brought about by the ongoing pandemic, it certainly won't miss this chance to rethink itself once more.

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How Will Design Change?

{ 🕥 } – Design evolution: what changes are on the horizon? One of the big questions in design is how it will change in the coming days, weeks, months, years. Predictions for near-future trends and obviously rather easy to make, but this is hardly ever the case for the long term. However, by looking […]

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Using AI to Find a Partner

{ 👫 } – Using AI to Find a Partner on Tinder There is a board game called Go — it is a game where two players alternate placing stones on a board, attempting to surround more territory than the opponent. In May 2017, the world number 1 player lost three games straight to AlphaGo, an […]

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Design Ecosystem in Tallinn

{ 🇪🇪 } – Tallinn: the digital-savvy capital of Estonia The tiny capital city of the Baltic state of Estonia frequently makes the headlines for its well-preserved Old Town and its revolutionary e-residency programme. But in recent years Tallinn is putting itself on the design map, partly due to the number of creatives flocking to […]

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