Journey to Find My Tribe

{ 🗣} – Don’t let a bump in the road stop you

A group of people. Photo by Ioana Cristiana.

Human evolution has occurred in small groups, rather than en masse. Being social animals, we are certainly connected. Yet, as of late the false social interactions of likes and follows have overridden the conversations that fill our minds and soul. How to go from being alone to being a part of a tribe in this age and time?

Being alone

Back in 2012, I made a decision to switch from engineering to design. Getting back to a design college while being the oldest in class was difficult. Not only was I trying to prove myself but I also kept on setting expectations higher each day. This eventually impacted me and weighed me down, rather than liberating me for choosing the stream that flows towards my dreams.

S**t Happens

After completing my graphic design education I did a quick internship. But as I wanted to aim higher, I enrolled in a masters’ degree program in Italy. I took a student loan and went abroad, excelled at my course and internship at Coca-Cola. Everything was a dream come true, even landed a job in Europe…

… But?

My visa was rejected. S**t happened!

Why did it happen to me?

Growing Dissatisfied

I came back to India, grinding myself each day for three years working with startups, agencies, earning a basic wage but kept absorbing knowledge like a sponge. Learning was a constant for me, but creatively it didn’t quench my thrist.

Travelling was the only thing that set me free and in those dark times, I found the love of my life. There is a silver lining when things don’t work out, but when the storm comes it rattles you to the bone when you need to grab onto something to save yourself.

Needed an Anti-Depressant

Our minds need an outlet to express, for me it was my work. My passion for design never diminished even when things got hard. It was the first love of my life. I believed that finding a space to express would help me evolve as a designer and also keep me motivated. So I chose Instagram.

Instagram on a smartphone. Photo by Photo by SOCIAL.CUT.

Journey to 30k

I joined Instagram on the 19th of January, but I did not start posting until April or May. I was craving the attention and got mentally addicted to the structure of likes. I got stuck at 300-500 followers.

Why am I not getting more likes or followers?

I reached out to people online, asked for tips and advice. But most importantly, I decided to act on the advice I was given. Since June, I started delivering value, putting in the hard work, connecting socially with people and gradually I started growing again.

After six months, I had reached 30.000 followers.

Power of the Tribe

Impacting 30.000 people with content you deliver but also the love, support, and gratitude you receive started to make me feel complete. As a human, you co-exist with people with shared interests, evolve rapidly when you find your tribe. I found mine on Instagram.

Being part of a tribe brings mental security and protection. Even if you fall, you will have ears who would listen. Attention is all we crave as humans, and genuine attention makes us grow as individuals.

Find your tribe, be proactive. Mobile is the root cause that disbanded us but it is the same technology that will bring us together. All you need to do is give it one try.

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