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    { 🎨} – Graphic culture: where did it go? User-centred design (UCD) is today a standard for digital product and service design. It was designed by Donald Norman and Stephen Draper to counter-balance technology-centric design. Many technologies are at the basis of new uses: blockchain, machine learning, cloud computing, virtual reality … Design can be […]

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    Good Chatbot Design Practices for Building Trust

    Sam Reames Avatar| By samreames on January 15, 2020

      { 💬 } – Chatbot design: focusing on what matters A couple of months ago, a client reached out to me with an unusual request.  Normally, I approach chatbot design from the ground up, first going through a detailed process of creating a personality, assessing and ranking the client’s business objectives, and then writing the […]

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      Journey to Find My Tribe

      Trupti Shirodkar Avatar| By truptishirodkar on January 15, 2020

        { 🗣} – Don’t let a bump in the road stop you Human evolution has occurred in small groups, rather than en masse. Being social animals, we are certainly connected. Yet, as of late the false social interactions of likes and follows have overridden the conversations that fill our minds and soul. How to go […]

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