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The Purpose Of Design

What is our purpose as designers?

What is our purpose as designers? How do we create more impact with our work? In this issue we dive deep into design ethics, explore new Design Sprint 2.0 methodology and talk with a few inspiring creatives about their work.

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What Is The Role Of A Designer?

{ 🤔 } — Ethics for Design

In January 2017 my associate and I closed our design company because our paths were becoming more and more distant. Following this event, I seriously started to question my design practice. I had many doubts before, but the daily tasks of running a company had kept me tied-in, without much time to think.

Two weeks after the closing I decided, without really thinking about it, that I would travel within Europe. My goal was to meet designers and researchers that had influenced me, and make a documentary about them. I sent 14 emails, 13 people replied within 3 days, and 12 were positive and agreed to meet.

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Being The Only Designer On The Team

{ 📢 } – Interview with Dave Feldman

Some of you might be working on design teams with at least a few peers. Or maybe you’re a freelancer working with a few companies at the same time.

But among us, there are also those of us who are the only Designers in their company. How do you handle that?

We asked for Dave Feldman’s help. He’d co-founded Emu Messenger and used to be a Product Manager at Google and Facebook.

Now, as a VP Product Design at Heap, he runs a one-person design team. Here’s our interview with him about that very experience.

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Story Behind The Fabulous App

{ 🌳 } — How The Idea Came To Life

Fabulous is the brainchild of Sami, CEO and one of the company’s 3 co-founders. Growing up, he loved the stories of “The Little Prince” and “The Alchemist.” Both of these stories shared a common theme that struck Sami – everyone’s journey should lead with the heart. It allows you to discover yourself fully.

Passionate about non-profits, Sami knew he wanted to do something that could help others develop lifelong healthy habits and find their true selves. With this in mind, he got 2 others to come onboard as co-founders: Amine and myself, Taylor. We take care of technical and design at Fabulous, respectively.

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