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6 Storytelling Principles to Improve Your UX

Dan Nessler Avatar| By dan_nessler on March 31, 2021

    { 📖 } – Crafting a Good Experience Is Like Telling a Good Story Crafting a Good Experience Is Like Telling a Good Story Stories are core to various activities, tools and methods applied in UX. Stories are how we remember. We tend to forget bullet points (Robert McKee on HBR) Bullet points make as […]

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    From Ideas to Sentences: How to Speak What is on Your Mind

    Briandito Priambodo Avatar| By brianditopriambodo on January 27, 2021

      { 🗣️ } – Make a Point Without Embarrassing Yourself Have you ever been in a conversation where you have an idea, but you just couldn’t find the right things to say? You started to blabber and stutter because it just doesn’t sound right, you know something is off. You ended up embarrassing yourself and failed […]

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      5 Soft Skills Every Product Designer Should Master

      Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on September 23, 2020

        { 💬 } – Why Confidence, Discipline, and Good Communication Are Essential I once asked a friend that works for a big name design company what he looks for in potential hires? He said that he hires people with great communication skills and who trust in their process over designers with a stand-out portfolio. He […]

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        The Importance Of Sharing Knowledge

        Jess Eddy Avatar| By jess-eddy on October 18, 2018

          { 🙏 } – Create an environment where design can thrive

          Getting in sync is part of almost every conversation I have as a Product Designer, no matter how small or large. With product managers, developers — even the CEO. Ranging from topics such as why a button is put in a particular place through to discussing how we might validate a feature that presents risk and may or may not add substantial value to the customer and the business.

          Each conversation and interaction between people on a team build more tacit knowledge within a group. To the point where you can know people’s preferences and opinions before they even express them — but that’s not where we start, and we don’t get there overnight.

          It takes time to build connections like this through shared work and experiences. As designers, we can lead by example and help our team create these connections by sharing knowledge and creating transparency. Specifically, by sharing our design process and insight into why we do certain activities that help us relentlessly focus on the customer.

          By doing this, we also create an environment where good work — not just design work — can be done.

          Here are a few ways you can share knowledge and increase transparency to create an environment where design can thrive!

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          Being The Only Designer On The Team

          Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on September 13, 2018

            { 📢 } – Interview with Dave Feldman

            Some of you might be working on design teams with at least a few peers. Or maybe you’re a freelancer working with a few companies at the same time.

            But among us, there are also those of us who are the only Designers in their company. How do you handle that?

            We asked for Dave Feldman’s help. He’d co-founded Emu Messenger and used to be a Product Manager at Google and Facebook.

            Now, as a VP Product Design at Heap, he runs a one-person design team. Here’s our interview with him about that very experience.

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            How To Be A Design-Team Leader

            Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on August 29, 2018

              { 🎉 } —  #DesignLeaders Series 

              In this edition of the #DesignLeaders series, we dig into the design workflow of Jason Coudriet. He manages a talented team of designers and content strategists, primarily focused on reimagining a part of investor experience at T. Rowe Price.

              We talked with Jason about his experience being a leader, and shaping the creative process within his team.

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              Jason Shellen — Designer To Entrepreneur Journey

              Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on July 17, 2018

                {😎} — {  # Design Leaders Series }

                In our Creative Journey, it’s always good to look up to someone. Learning from experienced mentors is not just inspiring, but also allows us to avoid mistakes we might have otherwise made.

                We’re kicking off a new category on Phase Magazine called #DesignLeaders.

                It’s a series of interviews with the world’s most impactful designers, entrepreneurs, and design executives who are making a difference with the design.

                Today we’re having a chat with Jason Shellen.

                Jason is a product visionary, with experience running product development teams at Slack, Pinterest, and Google along with a number of his own entrepreneurial ventures under his belt.

                We’re talking with Jason about his personal creative roots, professional journey, and where he feels design and tech are headed.

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