Phase v1 – { Status Update }

{ 😍 } — It’s almost here!

Some time has passed since we announced Phase in February. A lot has happened since then. More than 18K creatives have signed up to get early access 1.5K have joined our Slack Community, and the Phase team has grown to 11 people!

We wanted you to get to know more about the crew behind Phase, but before we get started… we have been hearing some healthy skepticism on Phase launch date.

This is mostly because many design tools before us missed ship dates often by nine months or more – and even then failed to ship quality products.

We just wanted to reassure you, that not us.

We are a small startup, so we can sometimes be off in our estimates by a few weeks, but we will always be transparent and open with our community.

Phase v1 is still coming this fall. We need few more weeks before it’ll be ready for primetime. Still some bugs to squash. However, within a week or two, we’ll be ready to get it in the hands of a few friends.

If it doesn’t explode on them (i.e. no bad bugs), we will release it to everyone who’s waiting very soon after.

We may ship it to bloggers and leading designers just a few days earlier than others, but only so they can help prepare useful tutorials and materials for the rest of the community.

What there won’t be is months of delay or highly staggered rollouts where your friend gets the apps months before you do. Nope, none of that.

We truly appreciate all of your support and help along the way. Fear not! – we’re working hard to ship Phase v1 this fall, and get it in your hands.

Phase v1 – { All About Creating Powerful  Interactions Visually }

Phase v1 – { All About Interactions }

On another note – what exactly are we going to launch in the first place?. Phase is a huge rethink of Digital Design, so we have to split it into parts and tackle it one step at a time.

That’s why Phase is focused on Interactions; to create fully functional,  powerful interactions visually without code or limitations.

If you want to learn more, check out Phase v1 features in our blog article.

We will keep you up-to-date with the development progress on our Slack Community. Join #announcements channel for all the details

Who is behind Phase?

Now, want to meet the individuals behind Phase?

Let’s start with the biggest part of our team – our Taipei office, with 9 of us on board.

This is where the magic happens. Where our engineering and design teams spends their days polishing up Phase v1 before its release: Aaron, Asa, Cesar, Chad, Kirk, Sean, Steve, and Wojciech. Nick, Phase’s CEO, also spends most of the time in the Taipei office.

Phase Taipei Office – Normal Workday

The rest of the Phase team (Vlad and myself, Daniel), will be based in Berlin from August. The city is an amazing creative hub, and we cannot wait to get involved with the local design community.  

The 5-6h time difference can have us awake at different times when working remotely, but we are doing great so far! ✌️We communicate via Slack most of the time, with few team status calls scheduled across the week.

Rap battle in our office AKA Week-in-review

Phase Community is growing 🙌

Like mentioned before, over 1.5K of you have signed up for the Phase Community on Slack. It’s not only a place where we can keep each other up-to-date with everything happening at Phase, but also a place to gather insight and feedback from the community.  

We believe it’s impossible to rethink digital design tools without doing it hand-in-hand with the community’s help. That’s why we want to build a community that’s open, and transparent. Let’s talk!

{ Phase Community } – let’s build Phase together 🙌

If you have any question about Phase or just want to say hi – most welcome to join Phase Community! ✌️

Another important thing for us is sharing knowledge and experience. That’s why have created Phase Magazine – a place for us designers to share with one another.

You’re all invited to contribute and share your experience with creatives around the world!

We really can’t wait to open the doors on Phase v1.  

We still have some work to do before that happens, but we believe that an open conversation with our community is what’s really going to build the real digital design tool we’ve been all waiting for.

If you want to contribute to next the issue of Phase Magazine, just drop us a line:

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Nick Budden / CEO @ Phase

Designer, and sometimes-writer. Canadian in Taiwan ✈ Berlin. Trying to help people enjoy being creative.