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It's All About Details

Why small details matter?

Details make our projects unique. How do we make sure that they are noticed, and appreciated? That's what we cover in Phase Magazine Issue #9.

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Paperform V2 logo

(Re)designing For The Future – Paperform V2

{ 🤔 } – Why a redesign?

Two years ago we released the first version of Paperform, which is a tool for building forms online. We took inspiration from the beautiful creation-experiences of sites like Medium and created a form builder that felt more like writing a rich document than yet another drag-and-drop tool.

You could use your own fonts, brand colors, imagery and video right along with questions in answers.

Fast-forward to the start of 2018, and in the year since we launched, we had added over 60 features to Paperform. Our MVP was starting to feel all grown up.

The only issue was that after we’d initially designed the editor interface, we had little idea what the future of the product would look like. So when it came to adding in all of this new functionality, it had turned into a game of Tetris (i.e. inserting features wherever they fit best).

We had an architectural problem. Instead of the clean, well-defined interface that we’d started with, our product was slowly turning into a Frankenstein monster, one odd appendage at a time.

It was time to stop, take a breath, and assess where Paperform was headed and what we were going to do about it. If we could jump in a time machine and go back to the beginning, what would be different?

A redesign was in order.

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Design Ecosystem in Taipei

Design Ecosystem in Taipei

{ 🇹🇼 } – Taipei, home of Phase

After our last visit to London, we wanted to take a closer look at a place that is very close to the most on our team – Taipei. You may not know it, but this is where 9 of 11 of Phase team members are based, working hard on app’s design and engineering.

Since we’d already covered Berlin, home of our community team, we wanted to see how Taipei’s Design Ecosystem looks and what you can expect from the city as a designer.

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