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Understanding Human Irrationality

Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on February 17, 2021

    { 💥 } – … And How it Influences User Decisions Coke Zero and Light should taste a little bit less sweet than the regular Coke; otherwise, you won’t believe it has no sugar. The same way you think that the Colgate toothpaste, which has two stripes (red and blue) works better than ordinary white […]

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    Norms Decide User Behaviour

    Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on January 6, 2021

      { 👥 } –And How to Use Them to Design Better Solutions A policeman sees a drunk man searching for something under a streetlight and asks what he has lost. He says he lost his keys and they both look under the streetlight. After a few minutes the policeman asks if he is sure he […]

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      Package Your Product to Stand a Tsunami

      Gilbert Umeh Avatar| By gilbertumeh on December 1, 2020

        { 📦 } – Why Nigerian Products Don’t Perform As Well As Their Foreign Counterparts Has anyone ever wondered why Nigerian-made products don’t do well in the market compared to the imported ones? Well, let me open your eyes to the reality behind this: it comes down to packaging, because you can’t spend your money […]

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        UX Personas: What’s the Point?

        Dan Nessler Avatar| By dan_nessler on November 11, 2020

          { 👤 } – Do Personas Create Any Real Value in the Design Process? Personas are under attack. They have been an established artefact in a UX designer’s toolkit. But recently, professionals have argued, that personas don’t create any real value in the design process and that they are bound to fail. So what now? […]

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          The Unconscious Problem Behind Our Problems

          Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on October 21, 2020

            { 🧠 } – When Solving a Problem, You Usually Have Two Ways There are two ways you can create value. One way is to find what people really want and then sell it to them. Or you can find what you can make and then find a clever way to sell it people — […]

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            5 Soft Skills Every Product Designer Should Master

            Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on September 23, 2020

              { 💬 } – Why Confidence, Discipline, and Good Communication Are Essential I once asked a friend that works for a big name design company what he looks for in potential hires? He said that he hires people with great communication skills and who trust in their process over designers with a stand-out portfolio. He […]

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              UX Is for People

              Anuar Bolatov Avatar| By anuaroblatov on September 2, 2020

                { 📖 } – Strategy, Processes, Research and Benchmarking What Is UX? Try to google this question and you will find many definitions, which would probably leave you with even more questions. Here I give a definition that ISO 9241–210 suggests: UX (User Experience) — person’s perceptions and responses resulting from the use and/or anticipated […]

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                Design for Humanity

                Daniel Eckler Avatar| By danieleckler on July 22, 2020

                  { 🔺 } – An interactive essay exploring the past, present, and future of anthropomorphic design. In 1950, the American psychologist Harry Harlow conducted an experiment that separated infant monkeys from their mothers just a few hours after birth. Each monkey was isolated in a cage and given two dummy mothers. One mother was constructed […]

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                  When Design Copies Nature — Part 2

                  Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on July 1, 2020

                     { 🌿 } – Biomimicry: how humans used nature to solve design problems This is a follow-up to the article which appeared in the previous issue of Phase Magazine, titled When Design Copies Nature — Part 1. Where Is Biomimicry Applied Nowadays? Nowadays, biomimicry is widely applied in architecture and industrial design. Scaly structures can be […]

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                    When Design Copies Nature — Part 1

                    Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on June 10, 2020

                       { 🌿 } – Biomimicry: how humans used nature to solve design problems It can’t be denied that a lot of the things in the world are poorly designed. This is often due to a number of reasons, which can include carelessness on the part of the designers or a lack of attention towards the consumers. […]

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