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Uncovering The Human Side Of Technology

Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on November 2, 2018

    We are living in times that are full of distractions and meaningless interactions provided to us by something that supposed to be useful – technology. But once we have the right approach to it, we can get a lot out of it without getting too attached to our devices. Kai Brach, a person behind the […]

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    Design Ecosystem in London

    Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on November 2, 2018

      { 🇬🇧 } – The Major Startup Hub in Europe

      Today, we continue to explore design communities around the world. This time in the Design Ecosystems series we are taking a look at London, one of the largest design hubs in Europe.

      It’s the capital of the UK, and also happens to be the major startup hub on the European continent. Many companies start their journey here to expand worldwide, which also means that there is a lot of work for the designers in the city.

      Let’s see what London has to offer!

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      Journaling App That Helps People, Through Design

      Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on November 2, 2018

        { 🎙 } – Interview with Henry Latham from journal app Scribe

        When smartphones took off after the iPhone was introduced, we didn’t yet know how much of an impact they would come to have on our lives.

        On the one hand, we got easy access to our friends, navigation, transportation, and other useful information. On the other, we became addicted to being connected. This device-addiction has made us less aware of the physical world than we used to be.

        A resurgence of mindfulness is trying to address that, with more and more apps (like The Fabulous) popping up, designed to help us be more present in daily life.

        A major category of these are journaling apps, and Scribe is one of them. Its approach is different though, focusing more on giving the user an overview of his/her emotions.

        We talked with Henry Latham, Head of Product at Scribe, who introduced us to the app and explained the design process behind it.

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