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    { ❓} – Product design: from niche to mainstream? There have been few times in contemporary history in which talk about product design has been as pervasive as it is today. Once a rather niche topic of discussion, in recent times product design has managed to become an almost mainstream topic of conversation.  How did […]

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    Are You Dark-mode Ready?

    Meet Shah Avatar| By meetshah on April 29, 2020

      { 🌚 } – Dark mode is everywhere, but are we ready for it? A future of #CSS that every UI designer and Front-end developer should be aware of. The tale of prefers-color-scheme, a media query of CSS slowly becoming adaptable by all browsers across devices. Now, Instagram has it. Dark mode on mobile and web are […]

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      Design Ecosystem in Tbilisi

      Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on April 29, 2020

        { 🇬🇪 } – Tbilisi: design against all odds Located in the Caucasus region, Tbilisi is a city which has remained almost totally unknown to Western audiences up until recently. It is currently one of the fastest-developing cities not only in the region, but in Europe. Tbilisi, which in former times was the seat of […]

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