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Using Your Design Experience to be an Entrepreneur

Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on October 13, 2021

    { 📱 } – Your Creative Mind is Your Power This article was originally published on UX Designers Club. Do you work as a UX designer and always want new challenges? You participate in design contests, work on complex projects, teach other designers but it’s still not enough for you? Or maybe you want to earn […]

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    Why Interaction Design Is Important for a UX Specialist

    Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on August 18, 2021

      { 📱 } – Your Design Process Needs to Include These Elements This article was originally published on UX Designers Club. Interaction design is a huge part of your design projects. When you think about UX, you need always to remember your user’s interactions with your product. UX designers tend to think about interaction design only as […]

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      Why Productivity Apps Lead Designers to Procrastination

      Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on June 23, 2021

        { 🤔 } – You Need to Have a Choice This article was originally published on Muzli. Productivity is a crucial element for your work. You want to do more tasks and not sacrifice quality. You’ve heard that productivity apps are great and want to use them? You tried to improve your productivity and failed? While productivity […]

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        What to Ask Yourself Before Usability Testing

        Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on May 26, 2021

          { 💻 } – Usability Testing Is Important, But Only If You Do It Right This article was originally published on UX Designers Club. Do you know how to conduct effective usability testing? A lot can go wrong when conducting a usability test. If you ask the right questions and follow some basic steps, you’ll have successful usability testing. […]

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          The Business of Removing Negatives from a Product

          Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on March 31, 2021

            { 💭 } – Rationally Choosing the Irrational Why do people keep buying Apple products if they are not technically great and there are better value alternatives? Why do people keep eating at McDonald’s if the food is so bad for your health? I was asking myself these type of questions lately, and I realised […]

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            Designing Perceptions Instead of Solutions

            Eugen Eşanu Avatar| By eugenesanu on March 10, 2021

              { 🤔 } – Why a Solution to a Problem in the 21st Century May Not Be the Answer Henry Ford’s reaction to a consultant who questioned why he paid $50,000 a year to someone who spent most of his time with his feet on his desk. “Because a few years ago that man came […]

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              Psychology + Design: Gestalt Principles as Solutions

              Mhariell Mosqueriola Avatar| By mhariellriel on February 17, 2021

                { ⬛ } – Solving Problems by Understanding Human Behaviour I have always believed that Psychology and Design comprise User Experience. Our profession entails empathy whenever we deal with human needs whose our goal is to solve. And as I continue to dive deep into where Psychology comes in the picture of Design, I then […]

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                UX Personas: What’s the Point?

                Dan Nessler Avatar| By dan_nessler on November 11, 2020

                  { 👤 } – Do Personas Create Any Real Value in the Design Process? Personas are under attack. They have been an established artefact in a UX designer’s toolkit. But recently, professionals have argued, that personas don’t create any real value in the design process and that they are bound to fail. So what now? […]

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                  Designer Life in Lockdown

                  Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on September 2, 2020

                    { 👩‍💻 } – Working from Home: The New Normal for Designers Worldwide I’ve been working as a remote designer for over seven years. But a lot of designers started their remote journey only this year. A lot of my creative friends have been working remotely for 6–8 months. They experience everything that I went […]

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                    Why Composition Matters

                    Olha Bahaieva Avatar| By olhabahaieva on July 1, 2020

                      { 🔺 } – How composition principles can help build a successful product In this article, I am going to discuss web design for UX/UI designers from a technical point of view. This information will be useful for design tips, thought, design thinking, and just as a simple source of daily inspiration. Original work can […]

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