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When Design Copies Nature — Part 2

Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on July 1, 2020

     { 🌿 } – Biomimicry: how humans used nature to solve design problems This is a follow-up to the article which appeared in the previous issue of Phase Magazine, titled When Design Copies Nature — Part 1. Where Is Biomimicry Applied Nowadays? Nowadays, biomimicry is widely applied in architecture and industrial design. Scaly structures can be […]

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    When Design Copies Nature — Part 1

    Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on June 10, 2020

       { 🌿 } – Biomimicry: how humans used nature to solve design problems It can’t be denied that a lot of the things in the world are poorly designed. This is often due to a number of reasons, which can include carelessness on the part of the designers or a lack of attention towards the consumers. […]

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      Design Ecosystem in Łódź

      Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on May 20, 2020

         { 🇵🇱 } – Łódź: an industrial city turned design hub Łódź (pronounced woodge) has experienced an almost complete transformation during its history. At one point in time, this city was the main textile manufacturing hub of Europe, as well as one the major centres of Jewish life. Then this all finished, and Poland’s third-biggest […]

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        A Context-Free Design Item

        Gianmarco Caprio Avatar| By gianmarco on May 20, 2020

          { 💺 } – The monobloc chair: how “that white plastic chair” become design’s symbol of globalisation Regardless of where you were born, what kind of family you grew up in or where life brought you, there is an item which you will have certainly seen, or even used, almost once. This item is the […]

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          Real Change Starts with Design

          Lesley Price Avatar| By lesley-price on January 15, 2019
            INDEX: Award 2019

            Design has matured far beyond the beautiful objects and imagery we use as embellishments. It’s an essential part of our daily lives, making every activity  – no matter how mundane– easier, efficient and more enjoyable. The discipline has always been an important cog in the machine of our society, but in recent years it’s evolved into one of our most powerful and valued capacities.

            Today, design is an engine. A problem-solver with the ability to change stubborn behaviors and alleviate issues where other strategies fall short. It can educate without condescendence, persuade without force and has the power to transform obligations into desires. In essence, design can make any change, regardless of size or difficulty, possible.

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            Bringing Design Profession To Dakar

            Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on December 12, 2018

              { 🎙 } – Interview with Ayomidotun Freeborn

              Bringing Design Profession 
To Dakar

              A few issues of Phase Magazine back, we covered the design ecosystem of Lagos. We were more than impressed with all of the activities undertaken by the local community to bring awareness around the importance of good design into even sharper focus..

              In this interview with Ayomidotun Freeborn, a Design Lead at Edacy, we take a closer look at the tech job market in Dakar, Senegal, discussing the main challenges local companies face and how these could be solved. What’s the impact of Edacy’s actions there? How are they designing for the change?

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              Uncovering The Human Side Of Technology

              Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on November 2, 2018

                We are living in times that are full of distractions and meaningless interactions provided to us by something that supposed to be useful – technology. But once we have the right approach to it, we can get a lot out of it without getting too attached to our devices. Kai Brach, a person behind the […]

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                Journaling App That Helps People, Through Design

                Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on November 2, 2018

                  { 🎙 } – Interview with Henry Latham from journal app Scribe

                  When smartphones took off after the iPhone was introduced, we didn’t yet know how much of an impact they would come to have on our lives.

                  On the one hand, we got easy access to our friends, navigation, transportation, and other useful information. On the other, we became addicted to being connected. This device-addiction has made us less aware of the physical world than we used to be.

                  A resurgence of mindfulness is trying to address that, with more and more apps (like The Fabulous) popping up, designed to help us be more present in daily life.

                  A major category of these are journaling apps, and Scribe is one of them. Its approach is different though, focusing more on giving the user an overview of his/her emotions.

                  We talked with Henry Latham, Head of Product at Scribe, who introduced us to the app and explained the design process behind it.

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                  Gabriel Valdivia – Designing For Change

                  Nick Budden Avatar| By nick-budden on July 13, 2018

                    { 🤗} — Introducing #DesignForChange

                    Creativity is most impactful when used for a good cause.

                    To truly explore its power, we’re starting a new category on Phase Magazine: #Design For Change.

                    In the upcoming weeks and months, we’ll be interviewing some of the world’s most inspiring designers, creating real impact with their work.

                    Today we got the chance to speak with Gabriel Valdivia, lead designer at Jigsaw. He’s part of a team tackling society’s biggest problems through design and technology.

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